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Blount cooks up soup for some of the finest restaurants and retailers in the country. We literally make hundreds of recipes for all of your favorite dining establishmesnts and stores; often under their own name. In addition, we create and sell our famous line of soups under Blount. Given our large volume of soup output in Fall River, MA we often have excess bags and cups for sale to you, our local neighbor. These cups are surplus for the following reasons. First, we never know exactly how much soup a kettle will create once it is packaged in cases, and often there are a few bags or cups left over that will not fit in a case. The second reason is excess inventory. We create Limited Time Offers based on our customers' menus; and often there are extra cases left over at the end of the promotion. And lastly, sometimes the soup does not meet our customers' specifications, but is still great soup. Maybe too thick or too thin for example; however, that might be just the thickness you like! We are pleased to offer these unique products to you at a great value!
enjoy fresh or frozen soup to go
Everyday Fresh Specials
 single cups $3.00
 2-packs $6.00 
fresh bags $6.00
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Bargin Bin.
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just $4.00!
Everyday Frozen Specials
single cups $2.00
2-packs $4.00
Please respect our private label customers by being discrete about your possession of their product.
If you have a problem with any products please call the Company Store immediately. 

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